7 Power Draining Apps

In this technology-focused world, we want all of the information at our fingertips. Apps for news, weather, music, social media, relationships, and games are being downloaded for information, entertainment, and to fill in those gaps of boredom. Have you checked to see how many apps you have installed on your phone recently? Or how much battery power those apps are using? Your favorite apps might be draining your battery faster than you realize.

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  1. Carat: Are you using an app that’s supposed to improve your battery life? Carat will observe your cell phone use for about a week and will begin generating reports for you and offer recommendations on how to improve battery life. However, with services like location tracker, it might be draining more power than it helps you save.

  2. Facebook and Twitter: One of the most used apps, Facebook connects you with your friends, family, “friends”, and is also one of the apps that uses the most power. The app will refresh itself even if running in the background. When you use Facebook for just 15 minutes, it can use 5MB of data.

  3. Maps: How often have you pulled up a maps app to double check the directions, even when you know where you’re going? Whatever your choice of map app is, Google, Apple, or MapQuest, the GPS locations services is a huge drain on the battery. If you use 10 minutes of Google Maps, it can use up to 6MB.

  4. Camera: Whether they are selfies, vacation pictures, or wanting to snap a shot of the awesome mullet you saw at the coffee shop, there are a fantastic number of photos are being captured each day. While this app might not use much power when not in use, if you forget to turn off the geolocation services, your camera can be the reason why your phone dies on Saturday nights.

  5. Weather: Do you check the weather in the morning instead of opening up the front door? The weather app provides a lot of insight into outfit choices and whether or not to snag the umbrella, but this app is similar to Facebook in that it constantly refreshes. When you change locations and see changes in the weather, your battery will notice too.

  6. Skype: This video chat service is great when you want to see how big your niece has gotten or catching up with your best friend five states over, but when you receive frequent calls on Skype, the connection to the server isn’t broken unless you close out the app.

  7. Angry Birds and Other Free Games: Unless you pay for these apps, there are constant advertisements that use up a lot of your battery life. Even the paid-for apps can be a drain with sophisticated 3D graphics.


Over time, your battery may have a harder time holding charge no matter what apps you’re using on a daily basis. Paying to fix a battery failure can cost you around $80.00 without a cell phone insurance plan.


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