What to Know About Verizon’s New Plans

We all know phones are expensive and can take up a significant part of our budget, but that could be getting worse. Verizon recently unleashed three different “unlimited” plans that may have you considering purchasing a pre-paid phone to avoid popular networks. Along with the cost of an iPhone or Android phone, when you add on data plans, cell phone insurance plans, and other accessories, families are spending hundreds of dollars to communicate, spend some time online, or listen to music. When it comes time to try to save money on your cell phone bill, consider a cell phone insurance plan from SERVAPLAN. More on that later.

Here’s what you need to know about Verizon’s new plans.

The company’s single unlimited plan was divided into three separate plans:

  • Go Unlimited

    • For one line you will pay $75 a month.

    • Unlimited 4G LTE data, but expect to see reduced speeds if the network is busy or congested where you are located.

    • Unlimited talk/text.

    • DVD-quality video streaming - 480p on smartphones and 720p on tablets.

    • Unlimited mobile hotspots - the speeds have a maximum of 600kbps.

  • Beyond Unlimited

    • For one line you will pay $85 a month.

    • Unlimited 4G LTE data, but if you exceed 22GB in a billing cycle, your speeds could be reduced when the network is busy.

    • Unlimited talk/text.

    • HD video streaming with 720p on smartphones and 1080p for tablets.

    • Unlimited hotspot data up to 15GB of LTE speeds. When you connect your phone to your laptop, the video quality on the laptop will be limited to 1080p.

    • Calling and texting to Mexico and Canada is free.

  • Business Unlimited

    • For one line with the basic plan, it’s $45 a month.

    • Unlimited 4g LTE data, but speeds may be slower when the network is busy.

    • Unlimited talk/text.

Overall, if you care about video quality, you may be spending more for your cell phone plan when you go with the Beyond Unlimited plan. But if you already have a plan with Verizon, you will experience slower video speeds no matter what plan you choose.

Don’t get too excited If you don’t have a plan with Verizon, as many of the major networks are releasing similar plans, including AT&T. So how can you avoid an increasing cell phone plan?


Even when you can get away with spending under a hundred dollars a month, to protect this investment, many consumers are purchasing cell phone insurance plans that are just as costly and confusing to use. It’s time to make a change!

For just $79 for a two-year plan, SERVAPLAN can save you around $200 when compared with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. What makes us different?

  • $0 deductible per claim when you pay $49 for the first claim.

  • Local service shops where we can repair your phone.

  • If you use an Apple Genius Bar, we will reimburse you for the cost.

  • Plans cover working phones, new, and old.

  • Covers loss and theft.

If you thought that alone was worth the price, consider what all we cover:

  • Cracked screen

  • Liquid damage

  • Speaker failure

  • Camera not working

  • Touchscreen malfunction

  • Battery failure

  • More

When the major networks are costing you an arm and a leg for your phone and data plan in the first place, don’t overspend on your cell phone insurance plan. Call us today to learn which plan is right for you.

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