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Welcome electronic lovers! iPhones, smartphones, tablets, all of the devices you love and have in your hand now, in your pocket, on the table next to you, or plugged into the wall, these items are your lifeline. When the battery stops working, when it falls down the stairs, in the sink, leave it in your Uber, you lose it or someone steals it, you need a cell phone protection plan that to bring it back to life! That’s what SERVAPLAN is all about. Device insurance that you can rely on when you need a phone or tablet the most.


Many people have smartphone insurance of some kind, whether it’s part of your mobile phone contract or through a third party provider, but do you know what is included? Do you know what to do when something happens? If it will cost you extra? With SERVAPLAN, you can be confident that your device is protected by a mobile phone warranty that you can trust.


Who We Are

SERVAPLAN wants to change the way you think about your phone insurance. There are those who protect their phone as if it was a child, with an ultra heavy duty phone case and all of the accessories that allow the phone to never leave their sight. Then there are those that seem to have a new chip in the screen every week. We want to provide the best cell phone warranty on the market that not only provides excellent customer service but better coverage that is more affordable. If it sounds too good to be true, you can pinch yourself, but you aren’t dreaming.


cell phone insuranceWhy We're Better

Cell phone protection plans can make claims that they are the best, the most affordable and have the best customer service, but how true are those claims? With SERVAPLAN cell phone protection plan, when you file a claim, you have three options for fixing or replacing your phone.


Local Service Center or Genius Bar

If you choose to have your iPhone or device fixed, we will reimburse you for the cost. Come to one of our many local service centers or Genius Bar and our customer service representatives will pay you back for the full amount of the repair.


Mail Your Device to Us

With this option, the only thing you need to worry about is finding the closest drop-off box. All you have to do is mail us your device and within 48-72 hours, we will send it back. Shipping is free both ways. You will receive your fixed phone or tablet back, you will never get just a refurbished device back.



When you need a screen replacement, battery replacement, audio jack, or charging port replacement, we will come to you no matter where you are. Our On-Demand service allows you to file a claim, answer a few questions, tell us your location and what two times that are convenient and we take care of the rest. In many cases, you will have your fixed phone back within 24 hours and you can be confident knowing that the repairs are backed by a lifetime warranty.


Less Money, Better Service

Just $79 for two years of coverage or $59 for one year, unlimited claims, and your coverage starts right away. Other protection plans range from over $100 to close to $300, a hefty deductible that is charged for each claim and few other benefits. SERVAPLAN wants to provide a better protection plan option that includes smaller costs, convenient repair options, coverage for new or old phone and we even offer theft insurance. If it still seems too good to be true, give us a call and try it out.

We want this blog to serve as a resource for fun iPhone tips, information on tablets and smartwatches, technology gadgets and more. Be sure to check back often for new updates!

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