The Best Summer Friendly Apps

Summer is finally in full swing, meaning road trips, swimming pools, sitting on the patio, and endlessly adding more bug spray around the campfire. We want to make sure that you don’t miss a moment of beautiful weather and spending time on your phone outside. Speaking of power draining apps, we have collected the best cell phone apps available that will, unfortunately, not help your battery power, but will have you grilling your favorite foods to perfection, planning the best road trip, and finding the best restaurants. If you still don’t have a cell phone insurance plan to protect your phone throughout the summer, check out our innovative mobile phone protection plans.


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If you had a hard time not burning the burgers or leaving chicken slightly pink in the middle last year, you can forget about that happening this year. “Your grilling sidekick” will help you become the grill master you’ve always imaged. Tell it what meat you’re cooking, its thickness, and how you would like it cooked, and it provides all of the information you need including grilling time, temperature, and even when to flip the meat. So grab a beer and hang out with your friends and wait for your phone to guide you.



Are you traveling to Rome, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Los Angeles, or over 350 other destinations around the world? This app allows you to experience the wonders of travel without looking like a tourist, except it doesn’t help with fashion choices. Musement is a city guide that provides information on authentic restaurants, exciting neighborhoods, the best concerts, and hidden gems that only the locals know of. Whatever you’re interested in doing, you can get all of the best attractions delivered right through your phone.



cell phone insurance planThe ultimate summer adventure, whether it’s across the country or to the state next door, Roadtrippers will guide you to the best local diner, the strangest roadside attractions, scenic stops, national parks, and hotels. The app creates a map that you can share with your roading sidekicks, you can save favorite places, and it automatically syncs across devices. So, you can spend more time tailoring the perfect playlist instead of finding the best route to the Occasionally Talking Penguin Statue.



Because summer hasn’t truly begun until your cabinet is stocked up on alcohol, this list isn’t complete without a drinking app. However, it’s not what you think it is. It’s not a recipe app that you’ll never use because who buys cointreau? Minibar brings the drinks to you, including wine, beer, and liquor in 30 to 60 minutes. The app is available in 20 cities and includes all of your favorites. So, you might need that recipe app after all.


Bark N Borrow

Want to borrow a dog? Or go on vacation without putting your dog in a kennel? Download this app now. The matchmaking app brings together dog owners who need a sitter and dog sitters who want to cuddle with a dog for a few days. There is an application process so dog owners know who is taking care of their pup and those who are unable to own a dog will be happy for days.


Download these amazing summer-friendly apps so you can enjoy the best of these hot days. And in case you lose your phone in Paris, drop it in the charcoal grill, drive over it, pour gin on it, or your dog chews on it, make sure you have a solid cell phone insurance plan. Visit SERVAPLAN to learn how to save money and get better protection for your mobile phone.

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