Should You Buy Cell Phone Insurance?

When you’re spending around $100 for a single phone, or even when you’re part of a family plan, spending additional money on a cell phone insurance plan is hard to swallow. Sure you want to know that if the screen cracks or the battery stops charging, but is it worth adding another monthly payment to your bills? Take a moment to look at your phone now. Is there a case on it? Is the screen cracked already? How long does your battery last? A way to determine this is to compare the money you would spend on a cell phone warranty to how much time you spend on the phone. If your phone were to break, would that amount of money be worth it to fix your phone? Here are some more things to consider before you purchase a cell phone insurance plan.

How Likely Are You to Lose or Break Your Phone?

If you have a rather simple desk job and your phone sits there all day, this will decrease the risk of it falling and cracking. If you are a construction worker who carries their phone in their back pocket, this may at to the wear and tear of the phone. Also, consider what activities you participate in on the weekends. Going to concerts or sports games where you’re more likely to take pictures and risk dropping it on concrete as opposed to going to the movies or staying at home with your family where it’s safer, what you do with your phone and where is a consideration.

What Will Smartphone Insurance Cover?mobile phone protection

Typical warranties that come with your phone’s plan may not cover everything you expect and other third party plans also have different offerings. If you live in an area that has frequent mobile phone thefts, you may want to find a plan that offers mobile theft insurance. If you’re into water sports or skiing and think it’s a possibility that you drop it in the water or snow, a plan that includes liquid damage would be useful  Find a plan that fits your needs and budget.

How Much Will it Cost?

Don’t look at just what the insurance plan covers, but also the premiums and deductibles. With SERVAPLAN, a two-year plan costs $79, whereas a plan with Verizon costs over $200. A reason for not purchasing a plan could be that repairing a cracked screen ($150 for iPhone screen repair without a warranty) will cost less than the protection plan. But what if you could find insurance for your mobile phone that’s cheaper than the average warranty?

SERVAPLAN wants to change your perception of cell phone insurance plans. No longer are the plans that will cost you hundreds of dollars and that don’t cover everything you need it to. Get a $79, two-year plan that covers:

  • Broken camera

  • Touchscreen malfunction

  • Battery failure

  • Liquid damage

  • Charge isn’t holding

  • Cracked screen

  • And more

If you love taking selfies at concerts, going water skiing with your phone in your pocket, or just have slippery fingers, we have everything that you need to get better service and better plan options. Call us today to learn more.

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