iWatch Features Series 2

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If you don’t already have an iWatch, you’ll be wanting one soon. This blog will highlight all of the best features the smartwatch Series 2 has to offer. But before you head out to your Apple store to make the big purchase, do you know how you will protect the watch? There is probably an insurance plan that you can purchase for a ridiculous price that doesn’t cover much, and you have to go through hoops to actually get it fixed. Instead of getting roped into another plan that doesn’t offer you anything valuable, learn more about SERVAPLAN’s cell phone protection plan. We offer a variety of protection plans for your iPhone, iPad, Tablet, and your new smartwatch. Sign up for a low $40 plan for two years so you can enjoy your watch without worry.

Cell Phone Protection Plan

iWatch Features Series 2


Built-in GPS

Bringing your cell phone on a hike with you means needing to wear something with pockets, or using one of those uncomfortable arm straps that holds a phone. While either of these options aren’t the end of the world, you can have a much better hike without worrying about your phone falling out of your sports bra or pocket or finishing with a weird tan line on your arm. With the Series 2 iWatch, you can easily pull up a map conveniently on your wrist and locate where you are on the trail.

Cell Phone Protection PlanWater Resistant

The new iWatch is water resistant up to 50 metres, or 164 feet. So when you’ve had enough of the winter season and need to get away to a tropical island, you can safely swim in the ocean, snorkel with the fishes, or swim in your hotel pool and still know what time it is, what emails are coming in, or find out where the local bar is. However, the small print does say that it recommends not using your iWatch for scuba diving, water-skiing, or other high-velocity water activity. In addition, water damage is not covered under the Apple warranty. So before you do snorkel, make sure you have our cell phone protection plan that does cover this type of damage.

Dual-core Microprocessor

No one likes to wait for pages or your map to load, especially when you’re lost in the mountains. To make sure you’re not waiting longer than you need to be, the Apple Series 2 features a new microprocessor allowing for speeds up to 50 percent faster than the original. And while it claims that the watch can last an entire day on a single charge, if your battery ever stops working, use our cell phone insurance plan to fix it up.

WatchOS 3

After a few attempts at creating an operating system without numerous shortcomings, Apple came out with the OS 3. Finally, applications will launch seven times faster, send texts with your fingertips, there are fixes for the Activity Sharing and Clock layouts, an auto unlock feature, and emergency contact services. Is your unlock feature not working on your smartwatch? Our cell phone protection plan can help.

With all of these fun and powerful features, the iWatch Series 2 is still not invincible. We mentioned one reason why the Apple warranty fails to give you everything you need, so instead of spending money on an insufficient plan, sign up with SERVAPLAN today and get our cell phone protection plan. The easy and affordable service makes filing a claim as easy as deciding to go to a tropical island when winter is settling in.

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