Is Your Phone Secure?

Do you have easy to remember passwords? Can you open your phone without using a password or fingerprint? Keeping your information secure might be just a passing thought when you hear stories about hackers on the news. But recently, these stories are becoming more and more common. Do you know how well your information is protected? If you store passwords or use banking apps on your phone, it’s important to know how to keep your device protected from theft or hackers. To start, make sure you have a cell phone insurance plan that offers mobile theft insurance. Visit SERVAPLAN to learn more about what we offer.

Passcode Lock

There are several ways to unlock a phone - fingerprints, a sequence of numbers, a pattern in rows of dots, or even simply by swiping. We hope that your phone can’t be unlocked just by swiping because this offers very little protection - well, no protection - for your phone. Numbers or a pattern in rows of dots offer slightly more protection, but can still be dangerous if the number is your birthday, street address, or the pattern is a circle or square. Also, when using either of these methods, it’s important to always remain conscious of who is around you when unlocking the phone.


Encrypt the Storage

Most modern cell phones have the ability to encrypt phone storage and some of them even do this by default, without the user knowing it. If your phone is stolen and they are able to get past the passcode, it will be a challenge for anyone to actually collect your data. But take a moment to think about how much information is stored on your phone. E-mails, pictures, banking apps, social media accounts, if someone had access to this information, they could do significant damage.


Remote Wipe

Your cell phone might already have this capability, it just needs setting up. If not remote wipe, there may be the option of deleting all data if the passcode attempt has failed after 10 tries. Remote wipe allows you to clear all of the data on your phone if it is lost. The data will be cleared as soon as it connects to the internet. There are also features that allow you to locate your device even after it is lost.


Bonus: Emergency Contacts

With an iPhone, you can set up this feature in the Health app. Fill out the information including emergency contact information. If someone picks up your lost phone, or worse, something happens to you, the contact information will be visible from the lock screen. Instead of someone having to search through your phone for someone to reach, they will have everything they need, right away.


When your identity and personal information is at risk, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So if you haven’t done so already, change the passcode to something more secure, set up the remote wipe feature, and call a customer service representative at SERVAPLAN to learn more about our cell phone insurance plans. We offer protection against cracked screens, liquid damage, charging port failure, mobile theft insurance, and more for a fraction of the cost of other cell phone warranty plans. Protect your device today.

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