Is it Time to Clean Your Smartwatch?

If you own a smartwatch, you know how convenient it is and you probably wear it nearly the entire day, or all day if you wear it at night. But how often do you take it off to clean it? One of the biggest draws to this product is the fitness tracking benefits, which means you wear it while exercising as well. With all of that sweat and dirt that builds up, the watch itself and the band will definitely need some regular cleaning.

Cleaning your device may not be a frequent thought, but do you worry about needing to replace your smartwatch because of malfunctions? If you’re in need of a reliable and affordable cell phone insurance plan or coverage for your smartwatch, there are numerous options just a click away. But when you want the best insurance plan for your watch, you can get it all at SERVAPLAN.

Cleaning the Screen

Typically, the screen doesn’t need much more than a good wipe with a microfiber cloth. Using a bit of pressure, use the cloth to wipe away any sputz or stickiness. If your watch has a water-resistant rating of 1 ATM or higher, it is safe to use, or even dunk it in water to clean it. Microfiber clothes that you clean your car with are just fine, but if you don’t have these, a clean coffee filter will get the job done. For extreme stickiness that water doesn’t clean away, you can dilute some distilled vinegar in water, dip a clean cloth into it, and wipe the screen clean. Just don’t use a material like paper towels or tissue that will leave behind lint. You should definitely avoid using cleaning products with chemicals in them to clean your screen. Is your screen cracked? A cell phone insurance plan will fix that right up.

Cleaning the Band

This depends on what type of material your band is made of, whether that’s leather, silicone, or metal. If you’re able to, detach the band from the watch for easier access.

  • Cell Phone Insurance PlanLeather: When cleaning leather it’s important to use a cleaner and conditioner that is specifically for leather materials. Using these products will both clean the leather and protect it. First, test a small patch to ensure that the cleaner won’t discolor the band. To clean the whole band, put a small amount of cleaner onto a white cotton sock and let the solution sit for a few minutes. Using a clean section of the sock, buff the cleaner into the band.

  • Silicone: Keeping it simple with silicone is the best method. Dilute some liquid dish soap with warm water and use your fingers or a clean, soft cloth to rub the band. If the band is detachable or the watch is water-resistant you can dunk it into the water for a deeper clean.

  • Metal: Many metal bands are made of chain links which can be difficult to clean. But if you can, detach the band and soak it in a bath of warm water mixed with a mild dish soap. If there any patches of dirt that don’t easily come off, use a toothbrush to loosen the dirt. For a stainless steel band, add a bit of vinegar to some warm water and use a dampened cloth to clean the band.

Cracked leather bands, scratches in your screen, or other malfunctions are a drain. Be sure to keep your smartwatch clean and protected using these tips. For protection from damages you can’t always control, contact SERVAPLAN for more information on a budget-friendly cell phone insurance plan.

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