How To Clean a Headphone Jack or Power Port

There are several places on your cell phone that just can’t be covered up because you need them so frequently: headphone and power jack/port. These are also places that can cause considerable damage to your phone if gunk gets stuck and blocks your headphones or power cable. People who tend to keep good care of their phone may not need to worry about cleaning these spaces, but for those with extreme professions or who just happen to get stuck in the mud more often, need to pay special attention to how to clean these ports.


While these are methods that can work, care does need to be taken in order to prevent the gunk from being pushed further into the port. Before you begin cleaning either headphone or power jack, be sure that you have a comprehensive cell phone insurance plan that covers damages to these areas.

Compressed Air

Cans of compressed air shoot a strong stream of air to clean away an area. Compressed air can be a trickier method of cleaning a port because the pressure of the air may just push the dust or lint further into the hole. Only try cleaning with compressed air when you can visibly see light bits of dust or lint that can be blown away, rather than sticky substances. When using this method, point the tube at an angle to the port or jack.

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Cotton Swab

Cotton swabs are often too big to fit into a jack to effectively clean the area so remove a bit of the cotton from the stick until the swab can fit into the port. Spray or dip the cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to moisten the cotton and begin cleaning the port. If you have a sticky substance on, in, or around the headphone or power port, this is a more effective method than using compressed air.


Paper Clip or Needle

If a paper clip is within reach or you don’t have any rubbing alcohol, this is also a method of cleaning these ports and will work for all lint, dust, and sticky substances. A paper clip is thin enough to fit easily into a port and doesn’t have a sharp end that will cause damage to your phone. Gently scrape away at substances with the paper clip. If there is dust or lint inside, attach some double-sided tape to the paper clip and the dirt will stick to the tape.


If you can clearly see something stuck in your headphone or power port, these methods may do the trick. However, be extremely careful not to cause damage to the port itself. With smartphone insurance from SERVAPLAN, if one or both of these ports were to stop working, you can quickly and easily have these problems fixed. Issues that would normally cost $70 to $80 without a cell phone warranty, will only cost you the price of your plan. With a low price for two years of coverage and service that includes battery failure, cracked screen, liquid damage, and more, contact SERVAPLAN to learn more about our cell phone insurance plan.

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