Find Out What Common Places Phones Are Lost or Broken

The moment you realize you don’t have your phone on you and you don’t remember where you put it is a lesson in remaining calm. For an inanimate object, the item that you use most throughout your day has an amazing ability to wander, hide in couch cushions, or fall into the water-filled kitchen sink. Unlike eyeglasses if you wear them, dropping your phone into water can cause a lot of damage, if it still works at all. So, what are the most common places phones are lost or broken? Keep reading so you can better protect your phone. If you’re considering a cell phone protection plan, call SERVAPLAN to learn more about what we offer.

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Taking the kids to the park, you may sit back and let them do their thing, looking up every minute or two to keep an eye on them. Joining the kids in a game of freeze-tag, you leave your phone on the bench and end up leaving the park without it. This can be one of the worst scenarios because there may not be anyone around to pick it up and try to find the owner.

Gas Stations

Waiting while the gas pumps, you pull out your phone, this seems normal enough. But when the pump clicks, you put your phone on top of your car, the nozzle back in its place, you close the gas tank, and get in your car and drive away. With so many things running through our busy minds, it’s easy to think that you put your phone back in a pocket, not the top of your car. Not only have you lost your phone, but chances are good that the phone is cracked, too.

Grocery Stores

You can’t find a cart or a basket, so you try to go rogue in the grocery store. With milk, apples, and bread in one arm and your phone in the other, you put it down to look at the ingredients on some cereal. Before you know it, you’re driving away with a delicious breakfast, but no phone.

mobile protection planRestaurants

When you’re having fun with family or friends, you don’t really need your phone out, but it’s always handy to know what time it is, right? In the hustle of leaving quickly and remembering to grab your takeout, you forget your phone. At least at a restaurant, there is a hostess who can hold onto it.

At Home

You may not lose the phone permanently in your house, but it could take a while to track it down. Look under the couch, on bedside tables, bathroom counters, kitchen cabinets, or your sock drawer. If you still haven’t found it, we’re rooting for you. Bonus at home tip: don’t let children of a young age handle your phone without permission and supervision.

At any of these places, dropping your phone and cracking the screen is a possibility. At the kitchen sink, in the bathtub, or on the toilet, it’s important to know where your phone is and what the danger of it falling into water is. The more you’re aware of what is around you and where your phone is, the easier it will be to protect it.

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